myBMP demonstrates to the community the Australian cotton industry’s improved farming practices and careful responsible management of our natural resources.


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What is myBMP? - Better Farming, Brighter Future

myBMP is a voluntary farm and environmental management system which provides self-assessment mechanisms, practical tools and auditing processes helping Australian cotton to be produced according to best practice. The original BMP program began in 1997 and was reviewed and redeveloped in 2006-07 with the new online myBMP system re-launched in 2010.

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myBMP is the industry’s best management practice system that helps growers  improve on-farm production. The program helps farmers manage risk as well as improve the community’s recognition of their responsible use of natural resources. Through myBMP, all Australian cotton growers have a resource bank to access the industry’s best practice standards, which are fully supported by scientific research and development, resources and technical support.

myBMP is the result of industry wide consultation with growers, researchers and industry bodies, taking into consideration the requirements of the cotton industry now and into the future. The initiative is supported by the Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC), CottonInfo and Cotton Australia.

Getting started in myBMP is easy

  1. Visit the myBMP home page at
  2. Click on the Register Now button
  3. Choose your registration type
  4. Fill in the registration contact details
  5. Read and accept the Terms of Use
  6. Complete the New Account details by including your User Name (email address) and set your password

Following registration, the myBMP Admin Office will

  1. Complete your registration giving access to myBMP
  2. Contact you to confirm the details including linking businesses and farms if required
  3. Offer over the phone training on how to use and get the best out of the myBMP program

myBMP is a voluntary industry Best Practice program freely available to all Australian cotton growers

The myBMP program allows growers to choose the most appropriate level of participation in myBMP.

Growers have the option to use myBMP in the following ways:

  1. As an information source to get access to industry information, tools and resources
  2. Create and conduct an online farm self-assessment against industry standards
  3. Achieve myBMP Accreditation by completing the farm self-assessment to Level 2 and completing a myBMP audit